What you need to kmow

First and foremost, refer yourself to the information contained in the following pages:

1st Step : How it's made?

2nd Step : Select your jewel type and souvenir

3rd Step : Preservation and transport of breastmilk


Taking care of your jewel

If you are looking for a jewel without milk but with another inclusion (hair, ashes, pregnancy test or else, don't add any inclusion while selecting your jewel, but add the information in the "notes" in your cart during checkout).

If we previously had a conversation by email, Instagram or Facebook, make sure to add the information necessary to your order in the "notes" section of your cart during checkout. I only follow the instruction added in the notes during checkout since it would be too much to manage, trying to match the conversation/chat with your order. 


20$ fees will be charged for any changes made following an order.

Milk is an organic material. It may happen that some imperfections occurs, a different color than your expectation, etc. Each creation is unique, as every breastfeeding journey.

I do my best to tag you along with the creations once they are done, but spending time with my Daughter is a priority and a choice, so it may happen that your jewel may not be shown on social networks or simply posted later.

Thank you for your trust and understanding. 


If you have any questions, my Instagram page offers a lot of answers, from the creation process, to inspiration, a Q&A and also my philosophy and history (breastfeeding and business).


Thank you! 🤍