Shipping instruction for your milk

To create your jewelry, we only need 5ml of breastmilk. It can be fresh, frozen and very expired if still frozen. As long as it doesn’t have mold or foul smell.

P.S : Make sure to thaw your milk before shipping it, since it may leak during transportation. Since it's not for consommation, there's not issue if the milk is still warm.

If the milk bag are properly close, you don't need to add extra tape to it; it makes it difficult for us to unpack them, so just make sure to simply pack them in an hermetically way.

We DO NOT accept milk in boxes, so make you to send it in an envelope.

Please, send between 5 to 10ml, but do not send extra milk over 10ml.
(it can already make up to 15 stones, so no need to send extra)

If you have less than 5ml left, please contact us.

In order to minimize breastmilk lost, you are required to triple bag your milk for shipping. 1 regular breastmilk bag, in another breastmilk bag in a ziplock type bag. This way, we can save most of the leaked milk from the first bag.

Please clearly write your name and order number on the bags. If you elected to add inclusion to your jewelry, place them in a different bag, in the same shipping package, and make sure to add your name and order number on it too, since they will be separated during the process (milk preservation vs. stone creation).

If you have not received your automatic Order Confirmation, make sure to monitor your junk mail box. The shipping address to ship your milk is available in the Order Confirmation e-mail (North Shore of Montreal).

Depending on your order, if it is in stock and the line up we are currently experiencing, it takes anywhere between 3 to 12 weeks to receive your keepsake. You will be updated once your milk will be preserved (we are not sending notification when we receive your milk, so no need to ask) and you will be updated once the package is leaving our office.