My story

The adventure of a businesswoman who became a mother with a creative side to exploit: That's La Voie Lactée!

I have always had the flame of an entrepreneur but I never knew what to do with it, what would make me vibrate. I've been a flight attendant for almost two decades (and still is!) but I was missing a little something that would spark up my creative side.

I gave birth to my beautiful Juliette in the middle of a pandemic. 1st baby, 0 help and breastfeeding was a truly difficult experience for me. We don't talk about it often, and we should, but breastfeeding can be extremely difficult for some.

We want to give the best for them, but still while safeguarding our physical and mental health. After 10 relentlessness months, going from medication, power pumping and supplementation for my little girl to gain weight, I had to give up, not without tears, but I had to. I breastfed and pumped every 2 hours at night for weeks, trying to increase my production. I argued with my entourage… I had my daughter connected on my breasts every 5 mins for weeks. I cried, a lot. But I gave her the best of me. And honestly, I couldn't have done better. With a little hindsight, I could have offered more formula and saved myself a little... but I wanted to do everything I could to make it work.

In our bonded moments. To her little eyes that lifted up to my face to look at me tenderly. Her little breath that slowed when she fell asleep still clinging to the breast. The instant comfort it brought her. Baby is hungry, thirsty, hurt, scared, nothing at all: the breast! This magic tool! One side that I hadn't been told was the feeling that comes out of nowhere at the end of breastfeeding. This ending, which some want but baby doesn't want and others that mom doesn't want but baby has come to. This mourning that I experiencing, since I was not mentally ready to let go of, but that my daughter experienced it as a simple diaper change. I had a few days of blues, real blues. The drop of hormones (the famous hormones eh!) that follows… phew…

And this is how my research began. I wanted a memory of this teamwork that we had accomplished together, me and my daughter. The "warrior" team. I discovered that there were jewels made from preserved breast milk. From research to research, months and months of practice, I arrived at a spectacular result that I wanted to offer to mothers who, like me, have lived a milk journey. I invite you to share your story by purchasing your jewelry if you feel like it. Thus, we can read more all together on the realities of each. Thank you for choosing me to create this memory and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to being able to participate in the design of your memory of your Milky Way.

A caring and loving breastfeeding mom just like you. To find out more about me, come find me on Instagram under LaVoieLacteeMarie