Choose your souvenir

You have come here because you have fell in love with the wonderful “souvenir” that is a jewel of your own breast milk commemorating this beautiful milky adventure! I cannot guide you to the style since it is unique to each.

On the other hand, it is not a gift that we often give ourselves in life. Although I store each client's preserved milk for a year, it is often a one-time purchase. The cost of solid gold is more expensive but will look better for longer. It's something to think about. Plated require a little more care, but can still be beautiful.

Once your choice is made with your jewel, you can choose the characteristics of your breast milk stone. The stone finish can be pearl, shimmer or simply white. (Be aware that the white is still added, as explained on the page for preparing your milk, pure white milks are rare. So in order to have a beautiful stone, a tint is added. If you want pure milk only, just let me know in the "notes" of your cart while checking out)




You also have a choice of flakes that can be added (here are 4 but I have lots of colors)



You can also be creative and add tints, dried flowers, birthstone, etc. to your stone. Just let me know your request and we will check together how to get there! I am blessed to be part of your milky adventure and I will do everything possible to make you the most beautiful commemorative jewel 🤍