Taking care of your keepsake

Here are a few precautions to take in order to keep your keepsakes beautiful the longer possible. Try to stay clear of heat sources and water. Sun, bathing, swimming, UV rays/heat (including hot bathroom steam).

Remove to wash your hands/shower.

Avoid everything that could leave a stain (new jeans, bathbombs, etc.).

Use the polishing cloth provided to clean. Please remove when using chemical products.

If you purchased plated jewelry, keep in mind that friction is to be avoided the most possible, even if we are working our best to ensure a quality plated jewelry.

If your jewel stone is porous (meaning that it's been in contact with water, for shower or hand wash), you will have to purchase the "rebuild package" in order to replace the stone with a new one. Stones never turned to blue, pink, purple, etc. if care was respected as provided. Less UV the stone got, longer it will keep its original color, instead of turning yellow.