Please note that La Voie Lactee or it’s owner or employees cannot be held responsible for any issues with jewelry / packaging / lost of package.

There's no warranty over the jewels since the beauty of them depends on how well they were cared for. If you care for it, it will last for a very long time!

Beauty of keepsake solely depends on the care provided to it therefore they can’t be warranted. Each breastmilk stone is carefully handmade therefore can’t be duplicated although we could try to create a new similar one if requested.

Since the milk is an organic material, it may happen to find imperfections in the stone, and it is totaly normal.

You are responsible to give us the size with your order for all the rings. Since the stone is made upon order, jewels are final sales and cannot be exchanged.

Do not leave your jewel unattended; since they may contains small part and may cause a choking hazard, do not leave your jewelry unattended around kids. “La Voie Lactée” isn’t responsible for any jewelry being in contact with infants or children or any incident/accident that may arise from these contacts.

If the jewel contains an anomaly upon reception, please contact me and send us picture of the issue experienced. It will fasten the process and will help us take action. 

Although we put great efforts towards perfection, everything is made by hand (from the jewel to the stone) and error is Human but rest assured that I am committed in making your experience positive, so there's always solutions.

Once your order is placed and paid for, you have 1 year, starting at purchased date to send your milk/inserts. After this delay, the order will be considered as "done and completed". No refund will be issued.