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Milk jewelry catering service for people who, like me, do not take care of it to the letter!

Did you wash yourself repeatedly with it? A bath of Lush smellish and all colorful and your ring is now pink? You used the dryer and she made black spiots?

Available for almost all models (except the Maia pendant) since the attachment is permanent.

Note that only the stone of the jewel will be restored and not the jewel itself although it will be cleaned to be beautiful on the return.

Prices vary depending on the necessary involvement (or not) of the jewelier depending on the type of jewel (which generates costs on my side)

The stone of the Venus pendant will have to be replaced in its own right, given the model.

We have obviously kept your milk and it will be added again to your new milk stone

You must send me the jewel by sending "oversized letter" with stamp at $1.94 a jewel simply in a small bag, ideally in a bubble envelope. In order to save the cost of sending for all, the jewel will be returned to you in the same way so you do not pay any shopping fees. 🤍