Welcome to our "add-on" section!

How works the "baby box" heart?

We created the baby box heart for you to keep a small physical souvenir of  your milky adventure, that can be kept in your "baby box". We offer the option to add a stand alone breastmilk heart when you order a jewel with a breastmilk stone. You can choose a different heart color than the original milkstone included in your jewel.

How works the inserts?

For the majority of our jewelry collection, you can add different inserts inside the breastmilk stone. Unless indicated on the main product page, you can combine different flakes and/or inserts.

If you have an idea in mind of how you would like your inserts placed inside your milk stone, please let us know in the cart notes that you are going to email us a sketch of the design you would like, and send us your sketch to

Here are different realizations of inserts:

Bague Apodis, Plaqué Or Rose, Lat maternel flocons cuivre, Pierre de lait fini Blanc PurBague Apodis, Argent .925, Lait maternel fini perlé, Flocons mois de mars

Pendentif Orion, Or Blanc 10ct, Lait maternel, flocons et cheveux style "Arbre de vie"

Bague Hera, Argent .925, Cendres, Fond de pierre bleu pâlePendentif Orion, Or Jaune 10ct, Cendres

Pendentif Moon, Plaqué Or Rose, Test de grossesse et flocons Opale

Pendentif Moon en Acier Inoxydable, Lait maternel en fini "Blanc Pur" et cordon ombilical